Special Courses

English for Au pairs 

Year round rolling classes for English for Au pairs and other people who are here working but need to improve their English. 

Schedules are flexible and group classes are lots of fun.

We will help you achieve your goals for English qualifications as well.

Are you in the UK?

ESL courses. English as a Second Language

The Greenfields English Language College is in the centre of East Grinstead and we teach local residents and au pairs living in Sussex, Surrey and Kent.

We have six levels of ESL courses designed to take a student from a beginner to a competent intermediate speaker in as little as ten months (based on six hours study a week).

During each lesson students cover new vocabulary, grammar, sentence patterns, pronunciation and conversation. In doing the sentence patterns you will learn 70 to 80 basic patterns which make up everyday English. And each one is practised until it can be done easily. You will work in pairs as learning a language requires talking, talking and more talking! You will have the chance to speak the language 80% of the lesson time with the help of the teacher to make sure you know the correct English.

The real purpose of language is, was and always will be – COMMUNICATION!

If you want to get a better job in England or in your own country, travel the world, study in England or just socialize, you need to be able to communicate - and that is our business. We can help you to communicate in English!

The ESL programme is an Applied Scholastics™ programme.

How do I sign up?

To sign up simply telephone, email or call in to make an appointment for a free introductory lesson and find out how we teach English! After the free lesson we will place you in the class you need at your level of English.

Examination Preparation for Intermediate and Advanced Levels

If you are already an Intermediate or Advanced level student, we can help you to improve your English on a programme tailored to your needs.  We run First Certificate in English examination preparation classes, both in private lessons and in groups.  We teach Cambridge Advanced English, and prepare students for the IELTS (International English Language Testing Service) examination.  Contact us for full details about these courses.

Business English

If you want to learn English to help you succeed in the business world, we will provide lessons that will help you to understand and speak the specialized English you need.

Our classes are small, the atmosphere is very pleasant and friendly and the students have a lot of fun.

Can I have a trial lesson?

Yes! Contact us to make an appointment and we will be happy to arrange this.

What do out students say about our College?

Here is what two of them wrote:

I started my adventure with this school over two years ago.  Since that time I finished three different levels of English and all of them with passed exams.  My English improved a lot, especially in grammar and speaking.  I’m not afraid now to talk to English people like I was at the beginning.  I’m more self confident and more open.  I have a bigger range of vocabulary.  English is very important for me and for my work and it’s very relevant to improve all the time.  I’ve got a lot of help thanks to my teacher.  She encouraged me in learning and she had a lot of patience.  Her lessons were never boring and she always tried to vary the system of learning.  It’s very important to have  support in aiming at something and I got that from her.  Knowing English will give me the ability to have a better job and better future.  That is the reason that I’m going to carry on with my learning and practising.
D. G.  – Polish

When I arrived in England I couldn’t speak and also I couldn’t understand.  Now six months later I can speak and understand a lot of things.
All this is because of the help that I have had in this college with great teachers and beautiful persons.
The classes were interesting in that I could learn new words, new tenses and I became more confident in speaking.
Before I couldn’t have a conversation with any people, now I can.
Thank you very much for your help!

S. G. – Spanish

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