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Skype Courses now available for those not wanting to travel to the UK but still wanting to receive the best possible training in English from native English speakers trained to the highest level as English Language tutors.



"I went to this Language School for four months and I can definitely recommend it to other people who want to improve their English.  The Leaders are very friendly and they teach you everything you want to learn.  We had a good preparation for the FCE and I’m convinced that I will pass the exam thanks to the Language School.  So if you want to improve your English, go to this Language School."



"This Language School is a good place to go to if you want to be prepared for the Cambridge Test.

The teachers are very friendly and helpful.  We always could send writing homework to them on emails –and they corrected them outside of lesson hours.

Because I am a German it was great that Brenda speaks  German and so she was able to translate words I didn’t know.

She was very flexible and so we could decide what topics we want to do in the lessons and when!  J

I really can recommend this language school and a huge Dankeschön.



"The school is very friendly. Brenda and Edmund are the best teachers."

Aga (Poland)


"I would like to say thank you to this school for improving my English.  It is still bad but not so bad like it was before. The class was nice and friendly."

Barbora (Czech Republic)


"I would like to take this opportunity to thank Effective Education Centre and my tutor for my five months here. I have not only improved my English level but also made a lot of new friends. As an au pair it has been great to have something to look forward to every week and a meeting spot for all of us. The classes have been full of discussion! Thank you!" 

Sofia Lundberg, Student from Sweden


“Hello all. I am Daniel, I am 32 years old and Spanish. Like a lot of students I came to England to improve my English and I began to study here one year ago. Now I am still a long way away from the English level I want, but I have done half of the way and Brenda and her teachers are a very important reason for my progress. I have to say “thanks” to them and if you are thinking about studying English, this is a good place to come.”


"Dear Brenda,

"Thank you for everything!  I’m grateful for a lovely time here.  I made a lot of progress in my English grammar (especially in the articles) and in my English conversation too.

"Thank you and your colleagues for your friendly and professional approach, for your never ending patience and optimism and for expanding my vocabulary.

"I met here a lot of new friends and very kind people.

"I’m so happy I have successfully completed the English Language Course for Teachers and for giving me new knowledge.

"Really, really thank you!!!"


"The classes are perfect to learn English and to improve the level. Also you have different levels and in each of them you learn grammar, vocabulary, etc. The teachers show a lot of interest. They are very good!"


"Thank you very much for your time and your patience. If I had a teacher like you in the High School I attended, I would already have known how to speak English. You are doing a great job."

Greenfields English Language College Students I & J


It has been for me a wonderful experience to come here and find this place. Fortunately, I could improve my skills in English and know delightful people. I’m so grateful for the help given.



"Dear English Language College, I just wanted to thank for your patience with my knowledge of English. I really enjoyed every lesson we had. Even if some parts of English grammar are still mystery to me, I feel more confident in using English in a real life. The most important thing I was given by attending lessons at this school is friendship. I met here people from all over the world (mainly Europe) and with some of them became very close. We spent our free time together, we went on trips or for a coffee and so on. That is why I’m so glad I had the opportunity to attend this school. Thank you very much for everything! Best wishes for the future in your work."

Kateřina from the Czech Republic

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